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Accurate Surveying & Mapping provides services  from boundary surveys to GIS mapping throughout Southwest Idaho and beyond.  Whether you need a simple survey for a potential home site or an extensive ALTA survey for your commercial projects we've got you covered.

Expect outstanding service from our trusted and experienced team. Since 2006, we've met the needs of our clients.

Boundary and Verification Surveys

These are the most common types of surveys needed for individuals wishing to establish their property corners and determine the exact location of their property.  Accurate Surveying & Mapping will take the information contained in a client’s deed description and lay it out upon the ground.


A boundary survey is “a survey made to establish or to re-establish a boundary line on the ground or to obtain data for constructing a map or plat showing a boundary line.”  Before conducting a field survey we will perform research on the subject property and the adjoining properties.  At this stage a title commitment provided by the client is a very helpful tool as it will provide not only the legal description of the property, but also exceptions to title such as easements or reservations.  We will check county records for any maps or plats on or near the subject property.  With this initial evidence, we will make preliminary calculations to be used in the field survey.


In the field we will search for and find the physical evidence of existing corner monuments, subdivision corners, section corners and evidence of occupation such as fences or road and ditch center lines.  The physical evidence found in the field can then be compared with the recorded information contained in the researched deeds and maps to resolve the boundary.


Once the boundary location is resolved, we will set iron pin monuments with caps bearing the markings “PLS 11463 at or closely offset from each property corner in accordance with state law. A Record of Survey map will then be drafted and filed with the county in which the property lies in accordance with state laws.


A verification survey verifies the direction and length of property lines and the position of property corners and monuments as laid out by an existing recorded survey.  Accurate Surveying & Mapping will “follow in the footsteps” of the previous surveyor and will find or set monuments at their original positions.  A verification survey can be performed without a recorded survey map provided we find no material discrepancies in our field survey.  We will prepare for our clients a Surveyor’s Report describing their job in detail.

Topographic Mapping

Topographic mapping shows the “relief of the surface of the earth (ground) and the location of natural and artificial objects thereon.” Accurate Surveying & Mapping will measure and record the X,Y& Z coordinates of specific points on the ground and compile this information electronically to produce a contoured map.  This information is often used by engineers, architects and others to plan for site improvements.  We can customize our efforts to fit the individualized mapping needs of each client, and produce maps that contain as much or as little information required by the specific project.  In addition to our full-size topo maps, electronic CAD files are often provided by request.

A.L.T.A Surveys

The A.L.T.A./A.S.C.M. Land Title Survey, is a boundary survey that conforms to the rules set forth in the “minimum standards” adopted by the American Land Title Association and the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping.


Accurate Surveying & Mapping will provide our clients and/or their Title Company an ALTA map that shows all of the necessary items impacting land title.  Any possible encroachments, easements, rights of way and improvements upon the land are shown and any other information as required under “Table A” options can be provided.  We will need a current title commitment and a thorough list of all options to be completed before we can determine a scope of services and contract for this work.  In addition to the ALTA map, quite often a Record of Survey map must also be created and filed with the appropriate county.

Boundary Line Adjustment

Boundary Line Adjustments are an excellent tool for property owners or neighboring property owners to re-adjust their property lines. Adjustment in boundaries never creates more than the initial number of parcels. Local cities and counties each have specific requirements that must be met in order to perform these adjustments. Generally, the controlling municipality will require the adjustment to adhere to its policies regarding overall lot sizes and setbacks and will have an application process for adjustments.


Accurate Surveying & Mapping will initially perform a boundary survey and then monument the new lot lines according to the client. We will create and file a Record of Survey map with the appropriate county showing the original boundary lines and the newly created boundary lines. We will create and provide the client with legal descriptions for the newly adjusted parcels. The client must have a title company record the new descriptions to complete transfer of title.

Subdivision Platting & Parcel Splits

Subdivision Platting is “a type of land survey in which the legal boundaries of an area are located, and the area is divided into parcels of lots, streets, right-of-way, and other accessories. All necessary corners or dividing lines are marked or monumented.” State, county and local rules must be followed throughout the platting process.


Accurate Surveying & Mapping is pleased to provide surveying services related to all aspects of the subdivision process. We contract with a professional planner to handle all of the administrative and application work. Typically a boundary survey and topographic mapping are combined in the Preliminary Plat that municipalities review before project approval and completion of the Final Plat. This information is also used by engineers and architects to plan the specific lot and improvement layouts.


Parcel Splits are allowed by local municipalities if a parcel meets or exceeds its local requirements.  One parcel of land is split into two parcels or more of land.  Applications and rules are available at your local city and county offices.


Accurate Surveying & Mapping will perform a boundary survey on the subject parcel and then split the acreage into 2 or more parcels according to your needs and the local requirements. We will create and file a Record of Survey map with the appropriate county showing the original boundary and the newly created parcels and sizes. We will create new land descriptions for the resulting parcels that must then be put into deed format and recorded with the county recorder to finalize parcel creation.

Land Descriptions

A land description is “a description recognized by law which definitely locates property by reference to government surveys, coordinate systems or recorded maps; a description which is sufficient to locate the property without oral testimony.”


Accurate Surveying & Mapping will prepare and stamp legal descriptions for your specific parcel(s) of land, easements granted for access, utilities, drainage, etc., or dedications of land for the public use.

Construction Staking

Construction staking involves laying out on the ground improvements such as roads, curb and gutters, sidewalks, buildings, and utilities as specified, by the plans generated by engineers and architects.


Accurate Surveying & Mapping will provide horizontal and vertical control, make calculations from construction plans, and set out stakes marking the positions for improvements.

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Tower Lease Surveys

A tower lease survey typically consists of a boundary verification or boundary survey on the parent parcel with an as-built survey following construction of the tower.  


As-built surveys take an inventory of a tower as it stands. Tops of antenna, base of tower, access, and other appurtanent information is collected along with some minor topography. These are sometimes followed with 1-A  Certification letters to conform with FAA laws and regulations.