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Since 2005, we've provided efficient service to the Idaho and California for land surveying and mapping. Below are some of the most commonly asked questions and some answers to help you.

Questions & Answers:

How much will it cost?

There are many different factors that go into producing an estimate for surveying services  Accurate Surveying & Mapping offers to its clients either estimates based on an hourly fee schedule or lump sum fees for their project. For many smaller boundaries and topographic services, we will offer a lump sum contract; a fixed fee for all services performed. For more difficult and lengthy projects, we will usually offer estimates to complete the job based on time and materials. Please contact us via email or phone for a free estimate.


What information do I need to get started?

To get started it is helpful to know:


1.) What type of survey do you need? Please see our list of services for information.


2.) Where is the property located? Street address, township, range and section, assessor’s parcel number are essential tools for the surveyor to get more information regarding your property.


3.) Who is the current property owner? A current title commitment is needed for many surveys; at the very least, we will need the current deed for the property.


4.) When do you need the survey completed by, or when do you need to start your project?


5.) How can Accurate Surveying & Mapping assist you in completing your project?


Why do I need a survey?

“In general, a survey should be made before purchasing real property, when dividing any parcel of land for sale (in conformance with state laws and local ordinances), and prior to the construction of any improvements on property in which you have an interest.” -California Land Surveyors Association



When you have questions, give us a call. Our friendly staff is happy to help you. Let a licensed surveyor handle your project.

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