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We're Committed to Superior Service

Explore some of our completed projects listed below. You'll see our team is dedicated to meeting and beating our clients' specific needs. Call on us for last-minute projects, questions, or complex needs and we'll get the job done for you.


Below are some of our recent projects. While every project is different, we're committed to providing exceptional workmanship.

Boise Meridian, Initial Point

Monument Restoration:

We worked in conjunction with the Idaho Society of Professional Land Surveyors, the Ada County Highway Department, and the Bureau of Land Management to successfully re-monument the Initial Point, the basis of all land descriptions and land surveys in Idaho.

Count on us for professional service at competitive rates.

Idaho National Guard, Orchard Training Site, Ada County, Idaho:

Accurate Surveying & Mapping was contracted by Maxey-Tookey Architects to provide a topographic survey of 140 acres for design and construction of military training Ranges 17 and 18. The mapping was delivered at 1 ft contour intervals and benchmarks were tied to Idaho State Plane Coordinate System.


5 years later, we were hired by C-2 construction out of Mountain Home to stake the firing and target positions for Range 15. This included 5 firing lanes with targets as far as 1500 meters out. Benchmarks were again tied to the Idaho State Plane coordinate system.


Idaho State Capitol Restoration:

Accurate Surveying & Mapping provided project control and site topography to Jacobsen-Hunt Corporation prior to demolition and renovation of the state capitol building and grounds. Our mapping serves as a historical document of the precise horizontal and vertical locations of site improvements, statuary monuments, and horticultural gifts as they existed before the restoration.

Somerset Subdivision No. 6, 7a, & 7b

Topography was collected across the entirety of this subdivision and delivered at 1 foot contours. Large common lots and elevation changes certainly made this sub. one for the books.

somerset sub bndry

Shaded regions represents the area of the subdivisions.

GPS Base at Nat. Guard Range 15 20151116_140556

Weyerhaueser Company, Boise, ID

In 2014 the Weyerhaeuser Distribution Center on Amity Rd. required an ALTA survey. Asking for only basic 'title A' items, Accurate Surveying & Mapping  completed topograpghy of the 20 acre site in June, and returned in March of 2015 to collect improvements and additional 'title A' items  

SAM_3249 SAM_3198

Jerome Ranch, Garden Valley, Idaho:

"In 2016, Accurate Surveying & Mapping completed a large scale boundary survey across 170 acres in Garden Valley. Access roads to sectional monuments on the mountainous side had been washed out and destroyed by recent fires. Field crews traversed over 500 feet of elevation change to recover monuments in the fall, and again in the winter to set more. The presence of snakes, coyotes, and other wildlife kept their heads on a swivel."

20160914_101112 Road to Initial Point